A Guide On Plumbing Hazards In Fort Lauderdale FL

plumbing hazards in Fort Lauderdale FLHome improvement projects have accompanying safety issues and plumbing hazards in Fort Lauderdale FL. Some of the potential hazards like electrocution could cause serious injuries such as death and serious burns. Everyone in the vicinity, plumbers included, should know the potential danger the whole home improvement could incur. Safety should always be the first priority.

Electrical Safety Tips

During renovation, the safest thing to do is to shut the main switch to disconnect any form of electricity flowing from the main source. In circumstances that electricity is needed in some areas, it is recommended to unplug the specific appliance or cut the electricity of the area being renovated. This step will prevent instances of electric shock. It is recommended to install a lock out – a special device installed over the top of a circuit breaker. Once installed, the circuit breaker can no longer be tampered unless the lock is removed. Lock-out devices are available online or local hardware stores for a reasonable price.

System Test

Now that the lock out has been installed and there is an assurance that no power is going in, testing the circuit is still part of the SOP. The best way to conduct this test is to turn the plumbing equipment on, if it doesn’t then you are sure that no power is coming in and it is now safe to start plumbing. Always, always do this to avoid any untoward incidents in the future.

What to Do if the Untoward Incident Happens

If the worst happens and one or two individuals really does encounter an unfortunate event, it is best to perform first aid and call 911 for rescue. Accidents like these can be fatal and should be avoided at all costs. It is therefore recommended to give the plumbing job to professionals as they are skilled and well equipped to handle this job. It may sound like plumbing is not so dangerous but it does have its own hazards. So remember, instead of handling jobs on your own, just go for top-notch plumbing service providers in Fort Lauderdale FL.

Learn easy tips for your next outdoor shower! Check out this video I found on YouTube!

Drain Cleaning in Roeland Park Kansas

Even with the today’s modern waste disposal units, drain cleaning in Roeland Park KS is still vitally important to keep your drains clean and running smoothly. Standard daily use in your kitchen and bathroom can create a build-up of hair, food and other nasty substances in your drain.

drain cleaning roeland park KS

If your drains aren’t properly cleaned and a blockage does appear, this can cause major damage to your plumbing. A drain that is clogged could also back up, causing overflows and water damage to your property.

You may have a blocked drain if you notice the kitchen or bathroom faucet not draining quickly or making some nasty burbling sounds. This could be a build-up of grease or possibly a more major issue with debris.
Fortunately, there is a couple of techniques that anyone can use in an attempt to shift the blockage:

  • The first way is arguably the most simple. Get yourself a good rubber plunger, and fill the blocked faucet halfway up with hot water. Next, begin working the plunger up and down until the water starts to drain.
  • Another easy technique involves vinegar and baking soda. Firstly you need to get rid of any water in the problem faucet; next, chuck a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by one cup of vinegar. Make sure you put the plug in so the mixture can do its work. After about five minutes, run some hot water to see if you have been successful.
  • A “plumbers snake” could also do the trick – available at your local hardware store.
    Along with these tips, there are number of ways a homeowner can attempt to fix a blockage on their own.

However, if you can’t get anywhere on your own, it makes sense to call in the specialist. Skilled Roeland Park plumbing technicians can employ the latest drain cleaning apparatus to get your pipes running smoothly in no time.

How to Clean a Floor Drain in the Basement In Miami FL

how to clean a floor drain in the basement in Miami FLOne of the most neglected areas in the house with floor drains is the basement. This place is actually the least frequented in the house. Sometimes they forget to manage the drains there until it works no more. Cleaning a continuous floor drain in this area is just as important as the ones that you do in the kitchen or shower. Now, read my guide how to clean a floor drain in the basement in Miami FL.

  1. Wear a rubber globe and locate the floor drain in the basement. Take off its cover by removing the screws and lifting it off so you can access the pipe.
  2. Remove any debris inside the drain that may be hindering your way. You can use a thin brush or toothbrush to scrub off some unwanted buildup of dirt and other substances found on the sides.
  3. Use a very hot water to loosen up any sludge that is sticking into the walls of the pipe. Pour the boiling hot water slowly, and wait for the water to dissipate for about 10-15 minutes.
  4. Sprinkle an entire box of baking soda along the walls of the drain. Make sure to cover the entire walls so the odor will eventually be absorbed.
  5. Make a DIY foam drain cleaner by mixing about 3 cups of vinegar to the baking soda. This will create a chemical reaction that will serve as a cleaning agent.
  6. After allowing the mixture to sit for 10 minutes, pour 6 cups of boiling water one at a time. By rinsing the walls through this method, you get to eliminate the remaining substances left on the walls.
  7. Lastly, clean or replace the cover of your basement’s floor drain. Do these again for the next three months and you will be ensured of a cleaner home basement.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog today. If this DIY guide fails, reliable Miami FL plumbing professionals will surely solve the problem! Watch this video that features valuable tips when building your next outdoor shower!

HVAC Services at Lake Lotawana MO

Be it at home or at your business, keeping the temperature nice and steady all year round is vital. Heating and A/C services need to be properly maintained to ensure optimum performance for both your family and your customers. HVAC services Lake Lotawana MO are readily available.

hvac services lake lotawana

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning – some pretty important features of any home or business you would agree. That’s why it is so important to keep your system working smoothly.

There are some common problems with air conditioning units that all homeowners should know about.

  • One of the most frequent A/C problems is the inappropriate operation of the system. When the A/C is switched on, it is vital to keep all windows and doors closed so the A/C unit can properly regulate the temperature.
  • Another problem is often poor installation or improper maintenance procedures. If an A/C unit isn’t properly installed it can lead to performance and efficiency issues for the user.
  • Low refrigerant levels can also be a major issue. Any A/C unit will struggle to work at its capacity without the correct levels of refrigerant as stated in the manufacturer’s handbook.
  • Sensor issues can also be the cause of poor A/C performance. If the thermostatic sensor becomes worn or is placed in the wrong position, it can give false readings and severely impact on the ability of the unit to function.

When it comes to your HVAC services, it really does pay to get the pro’s in. Properly licensed technicians will often guarantee that repairs are done correctly straight off the bat – meaning you aren’t left with a broken A/C or heating unit for too long.

If you’re thinking of getting some HVAC services installed at your home, then you’re making the right choice! Prospective homeowners these days are looking for houses with an A/C unit as a minimum, especially in the Missouri area. Call you Lake Lotawana plumber today.

Addressing the Phantom Toilet Flush Sound in Your Grain Valley Missouri Home

Almost everyone has been spooked by toilets flushing on their own. So-called Ghost Flushing, it happens when the water refill valve of your toilet switches on suddenly. While it could give someone a spooky experience especially if the toilet flush sound in Grain Valley MO happens late at night, this has nothing to do with ghosts, but an issue with the tank.toilet flush sound grain valley mo

Here’s a quick test and fix that you can do for the ghost flushing to stop:

Water Test

  1. Turn the water valve on the wall first. Do not flush the toilet and leave the tank full.
  2. With a pencil, mark the water level and check every hour or so. Remark as needed if the water level has dropped.
  3. Conduct the leak location test before the tank gets empty.

Leak Location Test

  1. After the water level has stopped moving but the tank is not empty yet, there is a huge possibility that the leak is slightly above the water surface on the flush valve.
  2. In any case that the water level stops beneath the lower lip of the flapper, replace the flapper immediately or at least clean it, whichever is necessary. Also, ensure that the flush valve seat has also been cleaned.
  3. There is also a chance that the water level stops above the flapper, give the refill tube a look. It could probably the fill tube is shoved deep inside the overflow pipe, normally below the water level of the tank so it siphons the water up. Cut the hose so the end places above the water level of the tank. One option is also to use the refill clip included in the kit. Both the new refill tubes and the clips are available at most hardware stores.
  4. However, when the water drops below the seat and the flapper, check the toilet tank for cracks and the condition of the spud gasket. In this case, the flush valve should be repaired or replaced.

When it comes to repairs, DIY may seem to be the most practical way. However, if you are not really sure on what and how to do it, a call to you Grain Valley plumbing company will save you lots of time and money.

Three Easy Fixes for a Faucet Repair for Your Coral Springs Florida Residence

Faucet Repair in Coral Springs FLThere are few things scarier than having to repair a faulty faucet, especially because these things always happen at the worst possible moments.  We can’t always dash out to go and buy a new faucet, or just need a quick faucet repair to stop a nuisance from spoiling your day.  We’ve come up with three common scenarios where a broken faucet can ruin your day, and how to repair it quickly.

Your faucet is spitting at you like a cobra!

This happens more often that you think it does, and it’s usually caused by a clogged faucet aerator.  This is the screw-on mouth cover that you find on your faucet.  Fixing this problem is as easy as removing the screw-on lid and clean any mineral or lime build up that forms over time.  Using some dishwashing soap and an old toothbrush usually does the trick.  Once it is clean, simply screw it back on and enjoy the stream of water coming from your faucet again.

There is a dribble where water used to be.

Nothing is as frustrating as turning on a faucet to have nothing but a few spurts of water dribble out of it.  And this is often caused by a faulty diverter that is found in the base of the faucet.  You can rectify this by dismantling the handle assembly of your faucet and remove the diverter with a screwdriver.  Prepare a solution of white vinegar and boiling water and allow the diverter to soak in it for around an hour.  Thereafter, simply put it all back together and you should have a steady stream of water from your taps.

Should you faucet be making that sound?

Probably not.  But clicking or clanking noises from a faucet isn’t all that uncommon.  It does indicate that there is something wrong with your plumbing and needs to be investigated.  Disassemble your faucet and check to see if there are any cracks or broken pieces that might be the cause of the noises.  If there is nothing there, then you should probably get in touch with your local Coral Springs FL plumber to assist you.

Tips On Home Leak Detection In Remington Virginia

leak detection in Remington Virginia Leaking plumbing anywhere in the home results in thousands of gallons of water wasted each year.  All that wasted water adds up to extra expenses on your water bill, so you’re losing money and water in the process.  But how do you detect a leak in your home without being a professional plumber?  Fortunately we have a few tips for you on what you can do yourself to detect whether or not you have a leak in your home.  Let’s have a look at a few of your options for DIY leak detection in Remington Virginia.

  • The first part of leak detection is ensuring that all the plumbing is switched off. This includes any faucets inside and outside your home.
  • Once you are sure that all the switches in your home have been switched off, check your water meter. The meter in your home has a leak indicator which either has a triangle dial or silver wheel.  If this is moving then you are dealing with a leak.

Once you have established that you do have a leak on your hands, you need to figure out where this leak is.  It could either be inside your home, or you could be dealing with a leak in the plumbing outside the home. There are easy quick fixes for leaking pipes but it is best to diagnose the problem thoroughly before doing any repair.  Here is how to check the difference:

  • Start off by turning the main shut off valve off. If you aren’t sure where to find this, it is usually tucked away in a basement of garage.
  • The leak indicator that is inside the water meter should not be moving, so check that as well – and remember not to use water at all while you do. If the leak indicator is still moving, then your leak is coming from the plumbing outside your home.
  • When all else fails, don’t be afraid to call in the professionals. After all, they can detect a leak and repair the problem for you before things get any worse.

I hope you learned a lot from my blog today. If you have a kitchen sink drain leaking or a bathroom fixture supply line dripping, you can surely apply these tips I shared above.

Top Five Sump Pump Repairs for Your Lenexa Home

Sump Pump Repairs LenexaThere will always be glitches and hiccups in even the best maintained plumbing systems.  Thankfully there are professionals on hand who are able to diagnose the problem for you, but you can’t always wait for an answer when disaster strikes. That is why we’ve compiled the top five reasons why you need sump pump repairs.  Taking a bit of the guess-work out of figuring out what the problem is with your pump.

  • Power Failure

Just like all the other electrical appliances in your home, your sump pump is no different.  Without electricity it would be totally useless.  As a precaution, many homeowners have invested in high quality back-up pumps in the event of a power failure, thus preventing a flooded basement.

  • Stuck Switch

Sump Float switches come in a large variety, but vertical and tethered floats are the most common in homes across the country.  The preferred switch would have to be the vertical type simply because it is effective.  Tethered floats have the tendency of getting stuck on the side of the sump pit, which if left unnoticed can lead to a flooded basement.  Checking the switch in your pump occasionally can help avoid costly repairs and damages on your sump pump.

  • Overwhelming your Sump Pump

Not all sump pumps are created equal.  As with anything that you invest in, you get exactly what you pay for.  The minimal requirement for household pumps is a 1/3 horsepower system that is capable of pumping 35 gallons of water each minute.  Anything less than this and you risk overwhelming your sump pump by not being able to keep up with the water flow.  Make sure that your pump is capable of keeping up with the water demand in your household by having a professional inspect it on your behalf.

  • Discharge Pipe Freezing Over

This happens more often that you might imagine when the colder months roll around.  If the pipe isn’t pitched correctly, water collects and eventually freezes over with a drop in temperature, which naturally causes a blockage in the pipes.  Because of this blockage, the water will not be able to drain effectively and will simply run back into your sump pit.  Resulting in an overwhelmed pump and flooded basement.

  • Old Age

The final and most common reason why sump pump repairs are needed is because of old age.  It is important to have your sump pump inspected and maintained on a regular basis, and replace your unit every five to seven years to ensure that you enjoy a safe and dry home.

So, if you detect any of these damages mentioned above in your sump pump, I strongly suggest you immediately call a professional Lenexa plumber to get the job done!

Preventative Maintenance for Plumbing Appliances In Springfield Virginia

plumbing appliances in Springfield VirginiaMaking sure that the plumbing in your home is well maintained is a no-brainer for the longevity of your plumbing appliances in Springfield Virginia.  But every now and then we forget about the appliances in our homes that run off of our plumbing.  Dishwashers, garbage disposal units and washing machines are all connected to the plumbing in our homes, and require water to run smoothly.  But what happens when we forget about maintaining our plumbing appliances? We become so accustomed to the conveniences that they provide that it’s easy to feel a bit lost without them.  That is why by following a few simple maintenance tips for these appliances help prevent being stuck without them for a while.  Let’s have a look at a few tips for the appliances that you might have at home:

HVAC Units

We rely so heavily on a well maintained HVAC unit to keep us comfortable year round.  To ensure that your unit stays functional, clean out the filters on a monthly basis.  Visually check vents for any rust or damage and call in a professional to fix any problems for you. They can surely handle any type of plumbing appliance installation and repair.

Laundry Appliances

When last did you wash any of your clothes by hand?  That is hardly a common occurrence anymore and that is because of the convenience of having a washer and dryer capable of doing it for you. Extend the life of your laundry plumbing appliances by making sure that your washing machine is level and on a stable surface.  Do the same with your dryer, while making sure that you clean the lint out after each load of clothing.

Kitchen Appliances

Two of the main appliances that need a bit of TLC in your kitchen is the refrigerator and your garbage disposal unit.  To extend the life of your refrigerator, make sure that you set aside time every three months to clean the interior thoroughly.  Similarly, clean the garbage disposal after each use by running a tray of ice cubes through it.

Learn more about home plumbing systems by reading this article. Meanwhile, watch this video to find out what other appliances can provide additional convenience in your life.

Homeowner’s Guide to Maintaining Your Septic Tank in Kansas City

Septic Tank in Kansas CityMost of us don’t think about the septic tank in our homes, because we so rarely need to.  But, these hidden plumbing units actually serve a massive purpose in our homes, so making sure that it is running properly is vital.  There are three main reasons why maintaining your septic tank is so important, the first being money.  A failing septic tank is really expensive to have to replace, and even if you are able to repair it, the cost is very high.  Failing to maintain your septic tank system is the most common cause of a system failing before it should. Even the smallest amount of preventative maintenance costs very little compared to a total unit replacement.

The next reason why you really should maintain your unit regularly is for the health of your family, the environment and your community.  When a septic tank fails, the household waste isn’t treated correctly and this is released into the environment.  Contact with untreated human waste poses significant health risks to yourself, your family and the public.  It isn’t limited to contaminating your water either, untreated waste can seep into nearby groundwater, wells and other drinking water sources that is fed throughout the community.  Similarly, chemicals that aren’t disposed of properly through a septic tank can also pollute local water sources and essentially contribute to your unit failing entirely.

Lastly, ensuring that your septic tank unit is in good working condition contributes to the economic well-being of your community.  The property value in your area can decline due to a failing septic system and some building permits can’t be issued for these properties because of it.  Additionally, a septic unit that isn’t maintained adequately has a negative effect on local rivers, lakes and even shorelines that your community enjoys for recreational activities.  So, it makes sense to call a professional plumber in Kansas City to assist you with adequately maintaining your septic tank system before disaster strikes in your home and community.

The Bowie MD Plumber’s Guide On How A Hot Water Heater Works

Bowie MD plumber’s guide on how a hot water heater worksIt is easy to take the hot water coming from your pipes for granted.  We’re so used to a steady stream of warmth and comfort that little thought goes into how it all works.  For starters, we rely on either a gas or electric hot water heater for the warm water we get to enjoy every time we jump into the shower.  But there is also a system of pipes that the warm water journeys through before it gets heated up.  Depending on the time of year, the water streaming through our plumbing is cold or cool.  In order to use any of that water for a hot bath, shower or just to wash your dishes, it needs to pass through a water heater.

Your hot water heater typically looks like a big metal cylinder and is usually found in a laundry room or basement.  There are newer styles that come with some great features like not having a tank at all.  The newer tankless units provide households with hot water-on-demand and is becoming a popular alternative to the older, traditional models.  But, chances are that your home still have the older, reliable water heater installed and how it works is relatively simple.  Simply put, it’s like a really big kettle.  Water heaters either have a heating mechanism on the bottom of the tank, or inside of it.  Then, the water that flows into the tank is warmed up by these heating elements, providing you with the warm water that you need.  Even though it is an appliance that we rely on so heavily, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and it is designed to be durable.  Which means that you get to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a hot shower for a long time to come.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog that features the Bowie MD plumber’s guide on how a hot water heater works. You should also read about the new water heater law 2015 if you have time. And if you require help with water heater installation or repair, just call Plumbers 911 Washington DC 1-877-7-4LEAKS to schedule a service!

Learn all about the Washington DC plumbers’ excellent water heater repair services. Watch their video now.

5 Things I Found Out About My Local Palm Beach County Plumbing Service

west palm beach plumberWhen you have a plumbing emergency, you can’t afford to wait for the right person to fix your burst pipes. The water flooding into your basement certainly isn’t going to wait. We have a lot of options when deciding who to call. That’s why we need to find the best local, licensed professionals and guarantee our service for quality and speed.

I have recently contacted Plumbers911 – they’re one of the local referral services in Palm Beach County, South Florida. When I called, a friendly operator took my call and got all my details: phone number, address, name, etc. Within 20 minutes, a contractor was on our doorstep and within an hour and a half, my overflowing toilet was fixed.

5 Reasons Why They’re the Ones You Should Call

  1. Rapid Emergency Response: Because they work with a large number of reliable local experts, they can usually get a technician to your home or business within the hour. Your time is valuable; you shouldn’t have to waste it waiting for a plumber to fix those leaking or clogged pipes!
  2. 24-Hour Emergency Service: They work with a huge network of qualified  professionals. That means that they can get someone to help you at any time of day or night.
  3. Highly Trained and Well-Equipped Experts : Besides meeting rigorous initial standards for professional knowledge and performance, they are also expected to continue training on the most advanced techniques and equipment.
  4. Competitive Prices: Since they work with so many contractors, they can offer you quality services at a very affordable rate.
  5. High Standards: Unlike most other plumbing services, they require all of their technicians to undergo extensive background testing as well as periodic drug testing, ensuring that anyone who enters your home can be trusted.

The next time you need a West Palm Beach plumber, make sure to give Plumbers911 a call!

Should You Turn Your Water Off When A Huge Storm Is Approaching?

Miami plumbing tips

Image Courtesy of Evgeni Dinev at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When you live in South Florida, storms are something that you anticipate. When a potentially dangerous one is on its way, there are things that you can do to make the damage from it minimal.

Taking steps to protect your residence, be it a home, condo, or apartment, can save you not only time, but also money. When it comes to indoor plumbing, people are sometimes unaware about the steps to take when a storm is approaching.

Some plumbing professionals in Broward County suggest that the best thing to do for an impending storm is to shut off the water supply in your home. It may seem logical that if there is no water being supplied to the home, that the potential for damage is less. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

The problem with many leaky pipes, or flooding, is not that there is water being supplied to the home, more often, it is that there is already water existing in the pipes should they break. Storms most often do not cause internal pipe damage, therefore, shutting off the supply them will do nothing to head up any potential disaster from an abundance of water.

If you are going to be home during a storm, it does not make sense to shut the water supply to your home off. To schedule a maintenance check for your plumbing system and to avoid any future overflows or burst pipes, I suggest you call the local Fort Lauderdale plumbers from Douglas Orr.  Their 40 years experience on the job and emergency assistance available, they can help to protect your pipes and your home.